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Letters & Testimonials

Letters Written To & About George:

George Harb is a Physical Therapist who specializes in pain management - a none drug approach that works - trust me - I'm a patient. For more than one year my pain medication increased with the chronic pain that I suffered, but it only stemmed to lessen the pain a bit. I slept no more than 4 hours in a night; I was cranky and depressed, and extremely dysfunctional.

I started seeing George two months ago, I sleep 8 hours, my pain medication has been decreased by 1/2, and I am slowly beginning to enjoy life again. I can sit on my computer ten minutes every half hour; I can dust my house, and even take a short walk or ride. I am still restricted in a great many areas, and it is a slow recovery, but I honestly have a GOOD OUTLOOK thanks to George Harb - he is truly a Western New York miracle and more.

Linda Munro
June 2002


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