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Physical, Mental & Emotional Therapy...

Buffalo area native, George F Harb, started his singing career at the age of six, performing at the Cedars of Lebanon night club in Buffalo, NY. His love of music, performance and people has grown ever since

In the mid 80"s George became lead singer for the Buffalo, NY band; Hot Wax. The band broke attendance records all over Buffalo, topping their career by winning  runner up at the Buffalo Music Awards in 1989, just prior to the band's parting ways.

George immersed himself in his work as a Physical therapist, he even spent seven years teaching at Daemen College, but performing was in his blood, and he returned to the spotlight as "The Voice" of the Buffalo Gladiators. 

The spotlight continued to beckon, in 2000, George returned to the stage, his comeback performance was held at the Tralf, where he performed not only the hits that had made Hot Wax famous, but a collage of hits from the 70's to the present, including his first self composed single: "Just a Call Away."

George continues to write and compose his own music, and has several CD's available in the Buffalo area. His new single "Never Let You Go" has recently become the focus of an online video dedicated to the Victims of the September 11, Terrorist Massacre. 



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